If you have an external USB keyboard connected to your Windows computer and you can't get your number pad to work, first ensure that number lock is ON. This can be enabled via the "num lock" button in the top left of the number pad section of your keyboard.

If you've tried turning number lock on and off and your number pad still isn't working, try the below steps.

Checking If "Mouse Keys" Is Enabled

  1. First, press the Windows key + S on your keyboard.
  2. Type "ease of access mouse" and click on the mouse settings option.
  3. Ensure "control your mouse with a keypad" is set to "OFF".

If, after trying both of those steps, your keyboard number pad is still not operating correctly, please submit a ticket to tech-help@ksdr1.net (or update yours by replying to one of your ticket emails if you already have one open).