Installing Applications Through Software Center

When you open software center, it will open to the "Applications" page.

Select an application from the list to see more information about it. Select Install to install it. If an app is already installed, you may have the option to Uninstall.

Some apps may require approval before they install.

To install more than one application at a time:

  1. Select the multi-select icon in the upper right corner:

  2. Select two or more apps to install. Select the checkbox to the left of each app in the list.

  3. Select the Install Selected button to start.

The apps install as normal, only now in succession.

Installation status

Select the Installation status tab to view the status of applications. You may see the following states:

  • Installed: Software Center already installed this application on this computer.

  • Downloading: Software Center is downloading the software to install on this computer.

  • Failed: Software Center wasn't able to install the software.

  • Scheduled to install after: Shows the date and time of the device's next maintenance window to install upcoming software. Maintenance windows are defined by your IT admin.

    • The status can be seen in the All and the Upcoming tab.

    • You can install before the maintenance window time by selecting the Install Now button.