Problem: The Start button cannot be clicked. It is grayed out.

Solution: When the Start button is grayed out, the TestNav app was not launched properly. Follow these directions to launch it correctly on your KSD Chromebook. (Using a personal device? Click here.)

  1. Ensure that you are not logged in to the Chromebook. You should be at the login screen where it asks for your email.
  2. Click the Apps button at the very bottom of the login screen, then click TestNav.
  3. Click aimsweb Plus, unless you already see the screen shown in Step 4.
    (Don't see aimsweb Plus anywhere? Click here for the fix.)

  4. Enter the username and password given to you by your teacher, and click Sign In. Do not use Sign in with Google or any buttons on the right.
  5. Click the blue Start Test button next to the test you need to take.