Google has posted directions for using Google Drive files offline here... begin with Step 1: #4.

  • Note: You should not need to install the extension. It has been automatically installed for you.
  • Google Classroom itself is not available offline. However, you can open the Google Drive files published by your teacher in Classroom, and then they will be available for you offline.
    • Be sure to open these files while you're at school or connected to an available wifi connection (such as at the library or in KSD parking lots).
    • To access your files offline, click the Launcher icon on your Chromebook (circle in the bottom left), then find Google Drive.
    • As you work, your documents will be saved on the Chromebook's local storage. All of your work will be uploaded back to Google Drive the next time you connect to the internet, whether that is at school or somewhere else.
    • Be sure that you actually "submit" any Google Drive assignments to the assignments in Google Classroom - at the direction of your teacher - once you get back online.