KSD has a limited number of hotspots available for checkout to families on free or reduced lunch or experiencing financial hardship. These are available on a case-by-case basis. Please review the following details of the program.

  • KSD Connect students are not eligible for hotspot checkout. Providing home internet access is a requirement to enroll in KSD Connect.
  • Wireless access is available in the parking lots of Kearney High School, Hawthorne Elementary, and Dogwood Elementary (as of 9/8/2020). Kearney Junior High, Kearney Elementary, and Kearney Middle School will soon be added to this list of available schools. Students may download assignments from these parking lots and continue working offline at home.
  • Students/families who are not able to travel to the buildings above with wireless access to download assignments and who are not able to provide a stable home internet connection (*see below) due to financial hardship may apply for consideration of a hotspot on a case-by-case basis by contacting your students' building counselor(s)

*What are some options for a home internet connection?